Porcelain and Glass RCA 2005-2007

This collection of porcelain and glass tableware represents an exploration of the relationships that develop between objects as they are arranged and utilised.  Contrasts in texture and density of materials create opportunities for unexpected harmonies or delightful incongruities. Forms are inspired by the qualities of the materials.  Porcelain has strikingly different properties when using different techniques.  Finely thrown and drizzled slip conveys translucent elegance, but when thickly sculpted in its raw state the density and opacity captures a spontaneous gesture. 

Soda fired tableware 1996 – 2004

The soda fired work has evolved from studies of 18C Creamware, Japanese ceramics and1920s Enamelware through to architectural designs. The strong but simple sense of form in these traditions is translated into a range of highly practical and individual pieces.

After the application of a combination of slips each pot is soda fired, creating distinctive markings on the work and giving each piece its unique alluring texture.